your electricity account

background on electricity metering
As of summer 2009, all units in The East Market phases 1 and 2 are being individually metered and billed for their electricity usage. Individual metering ("submetering") increases fairness as owners pay for the amount of electricity they use, rather than those who conserve electricity paying extra to subsidize the few who use excessive electricity. Individual metering is also promoted by recent Ontario Government legislation that helps Condominium Corporations do this to encourage energy conservation and reduce the province's carbon footprint. The meters themselves are installed in the buildings' electricity distribution system, and so there is no unsightly equipment in your unit. The meters are certified by Measurement Canada on a regular basis.
what you pay
Electricity consumed within your unit, including lights, appliances, HVAC fan coils, and anything you plug in, is paid through your individual electricity bill. Electricity consumed within the Common Elements of the Condominium, such as hallways and mechanical equipment, is paid for through everyone's fixed condo fees. With the introduction of individual metering, we've been able to have an initial reduction in everyone's condo fees of 8.5%. This figure represents approximately half of the total electricity consumed in our buildings. This figure may be further adjusted down the road, once we have more data on how much of the total electricity is consumed within units vs. common elements. Typically more than half is in-unit, but we began with a conservative decrease until we have an exact figure.
setting up your account
EnerCare is the contractor providing the individual metering services for our buildings. Unit owners need to setup an account with EnerCare to continue receiving electricity service to their unit. If you have not already done so, fill in EnerCare's Enrollment Form and either leave it under the door of the superintendent's office, or send it directly to EnerCare. As with any utility bill, there is an administration fee as part of your bill, which covers the cost of meter reading, billing, customer service and maintenance of accounts. The distribution usage fee covers the cost of meter installation, maintenance, repair, warranty, recertification and upgrades. Under agreement with EnerCare, EnerCare's service fee has been waived for the first 6 months of the programme, to give everyone time to adjust. You can pay your bill by mail, through your bank's bill payment services, or by pre-authorized payment from your bank account. As with most utility accounts, there is also normally a $100 deposit required. After 1 year, this deposit will be returned to you, with interest, at your request. You can avoid paying this $100 deposit, by either signing up with EnerCare for pre-authorized payment, or providing a past utility bill showing payment in good standing.
if you are renting
If you are renting a unit, your electricity is typically included as part of the rent you pay to the unit owner, unless you agree otherwise in your lease with the unit owner.
how you can save
When comparing individual metering with the situation before metering, although there are no gurantees, it's expected that the majority of people will save, but some will end up paying more. There are several reasons for this. Typically a small minority of people account for a dispropotionally large share of the building's overall electricity consumption. Also, as soon as people are billed for there electricity consumption, the increased awareness usually results in most people significantly reducing their electricity consumption. Lastly, note that without individual metering, the amount each owner pays for electricity is based on square footage, which may not accurately represent the share of electricity they use. See the energy saving tips page of the handbook for information on how you can control and reduce your electricty costs.
for more information
For any inquiries related to your account or electricity bill, please contact EnerCare. For answers to any other questions not addressed here, please contact the property manager.