Window Cleaning

Weather permitting; cleaning of the exterior windows of phase 1 has been scheduled to commence on November 15, 2010.  The work is anticipated to take approximately 4 days to complete.  


To clean the exterior of balconies, the window cleaner has requested access to units facing York Street commencing Monday, November 15th, 2010 and Tuesday November 16th, 2010 from 9am to 5pm. Management will provide access to units and accompany the contractor at that time unless residents are present. If necessary, please ensure that the superintendent has a key to your unit. 


The scope of work includes the exterior balcony glass all inaccessible windows and spandrel panels. 


Delivery of service is dependent on weather should the start date be delayed by more than 4 days a notice will be posted in the common areas.


The Government of Ontario has enacted legislation, which prohibits window cleaning in poor weather. Window cleaning is prohibited when the wind gusts above 15km/h, or on days with precipitation. These laws have been created for the safety of our staff, and the well being of their dependents. Please be patient if weather slows the delivery of service


Please ensure that all windows and balconies are accessible and without obstruction. Should you wish to ensure your privacy, it is recommended you keep your window coverings closed.  Remember, that the interior windowpanes and balcony glass, are the responsibility of the owner to clean.


If you feel that a window has been missed during the cleaning, please let us know immediately, as the window contractor will not return once they have left the building.


Thank you for your patience, understanding and cleaning of your accessible windows.  I apologize for the short notice however; our contractor is doing their best while Mother Nature and Father Winter negotiate their departure or arrival.


If you have any questions or if cleaning is unsatisfactory, please contact the superintendent (613-244-4808) or your manager Dorothy Church at 613-237-9519 Ext. 259.