Why it’s important to tie your garbage

Especially as the warmer weather is returning, we'd like to remind everyone that we all have to do our part to ensure garbage smells do not become a problem.

As a resident, the most important thing for you to do is ensure that all garbage is properly bagged and tied before depositing it in the garbage chute.

Otherwise, garbage ends up coating the chute wall and other garbage equipment, where it cannot be properly cleaned out during the 3 weekly garbage pickups. This will cause this material to begin to decompose in place, and will quickly lead to significant garbage odour problems.

Also, before leaving glass container recycling in the ground floor garbage area, please take a moment to rinse out containers, for the same reasons mentioned above. Please do not leave such containers in the garbage areas on individual floors.

We again thank the vast majority of residents who are appropriately bagging and tying their garbage, as this goes a long way to control garbage odours while also helping to minimize the costs we all share in maintaining the garbage facilities.