water leak

A water leak in a building such as ours can be very damaging and costly to owners including yourself.

Be prepared

Locate your main and any secondary shut-off valves (see section on plumbing fixtures).

When a leak occurs

  1. Close all the shut-off valves in your unit including main valve, and as if secondary valves that exist in your unit such as individual sinks, dishwasher, washing machine, toilets, and refrigerator.
  2. Notify the Superintendent and Property Manager.
  3. Mop up and collect any continuing water leakage to minimise water damage to your unit and neighbouring units.

Non-emergency leakage from sinks and toilet

If water leaks from faucet/reservoir into sinks/toilets you should notify the Superintendent and Property Manager to ensure that it is not causing water damage. It is then the owner's responsibility to organise to have leaks fixed.