Use of Resident’s Parking

There are some important rules regarding the use of the resident's parking areas everyone should be aware of.

Garage Entrance

The garage entry door has been repaired on numerous occasions. With the help of security cameras, owners of vehicles causing the damages will be held responsible for all costs associated with the repairs and/or owner's condo fees may have to increase. Each owner/tenant who owns a parking space should have a garage door opener. The Fob Access to the garage was installed to accommodate bicycles (going to unit's storage; in lieu of using elevators) not cars!

Use of your Parking Space

Please remember that your parking space cannot be rented to a non-resident. Also, each owner/resident of a unit must register the license plate number of their motor vehicles with the Property Manager. Also, please remember that due to insurance and security reasons, the Rules & Regulations do not permit the storage of any items in your parking area other than a motor vehicle.