Update on phase 1 water leak

For all residents
Other than those areas directly affected by a water leak that happened in phase 1 Friday evening, things are now largely back to normal. Friday evening's leak was stopped at the source within a unit on the 3rd floor earlier in the evening. Over the next day or so, you may notice water cleanup contractors and equipment in the building. As of shortly after midnight, the building is now back on Ottawa Hydro rather than the backup generator, so all residents can return to normal use of electricity. The cooling system is up and running again, but may not be operating at 100% capacity yet. The relevant staff/contractors will be working to get it back to 100% capacity ASAP. Because the building's water was turned off until the cause of the leak could be determined, you may notice some air sputtering when you turn on your taps over the next few days. Leaving the taps running for a few minutes should help to rectify this. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the property manager or your Board of Directors.
For those who live in x01 units
If you live in one of the x01 units where the builder recently did work on the fan coil equipment, and you have not yet turned on your air conditioning since this work was done, we ask that you not do so until you speak with the property manager / superintendent / board of directors, so that we can be 100% certain everything is okay with the fan coil in your unit before it is turned on. If you do not live in an x01 unit, you can continue to use your A/C as you would normally do. Also, if you do live in an x01 unit but have used your A/C since the work was done, or if someone visited your unit Friday evening to verify the fan coil, then you can also continue to use your A/C as you would normally do.
The Board extends special thanks to the superintendent, property management company and the other maintenance contractors for getting the situation under control as quickly as possible.