Street closure and A/C tower

The corporation is proceeding, as planned, with the replacement of the A/C tower on the roof of 180 York the building which provides air-conditioning to both Phase 1 and Phase 2. Your board and management have working on this for some time and is anxious to complete this work prior to the air conditioning season.

We have only just learned that street closures will be prohibited for a period of weeks due to planned construction within the downtown core. In order to complete this work prior to the air conditioning season, we must lift the tower to the roof of the building tomorrow, April 23rd. If we do not complete this work tomorrow we will be delayed by a further period of weeks in order to obtain the permit to close the street.

We are therefore writing to notify you that a crane will be set up for this purpose on Cumberland Street between York and George Streets. The work will not disrupt pedestrian access to the building but may result in periodic disruption of access to the parking garage for momentary periods throughout the day.

We regret that we have not provided further notice of this work but trust that owners will understand.

The crane lift is expected to be completed tomorrow and the installation of the new tower will then begin. We expect to have the piping and tower installed, commissioned and running on or about May 24, 2013.


– PH 1 & PH 2 Manager and Board