spring 2009 newsletter

the east market: phase III

Window cleaning will start in June. This includes all inaccessible outside surfaces, plus the streetside surfaces of balcony panes. Our budget only allows one cleaning per year; extra cleanings will depend on our finances. Carpets were steam cleaned a few weeks ago. This will be a regular occurrence to maintain the appearance of our condominium. Please help us by not spilling or tracking in dirt. In particular, the second floor carpet has numerous grease spills owing to barbecue activity. Your cooperation in minimizing this will be appreciated. Filters are being installed in locker room vents to minimize dust. Unfortunately ventilation into many locker rooms is from the garage, and ventilation is necessary to prevent mould. Hopefully the filters will help, as well as periodic cleaning of the floors.
proxy drive
We still need proxies to approve the proposed bylaws regarding insurance, and the XpressO patio. The Board of Directors has determined that these bylaws are beneficial for the condominium; please watch for the package to arrive. Volunteers will be knocking on doors to complete the drive. Those who completed their proxies for the last AGM will not need to vote again.
garbage chute
Quite often residents are inconvenienced when the chute doesn’t work, indicated by the “in service” light. This is caused by jamming – cardboard boxes, clothing, blankets, pillows, oversized garbage bags etc. Remember – cardboard boxes, even if folded, can expand. And oversized garbage, even if stuffed into the opening, will get stuck on the way down. Clothing and such can get caught in the mechanism. Loose garbage is messy and stick to the sides of the chutes, causing buildup and odour, necessitating extra cleaning expenses. Please bag your garbage – and tightly. Bottles should not be put down the chute – they break. Flying glass and shards on the floor are hazardous to our workers in the garbage room. Please be aware of the above and help us keep the chute in clean, functioning order.
info night
Another info night will be held on June 2 at 7 p.m in the Party Room. All residents are welcome to attend and exchange ideas for making life at EM3 the best it could be.
summer party
The annual summer party, organized by the Social Committee, will be on June 27. Mark your calendars! More details will be on the notice board. As usual, there will be fantastic door prizes, and the popular “putting contest” will be back!
individual metering
Phases 1 & 2 are now converting their electricity use to individual meters for each unit. Hopefully this will encourage each owner to conserve energy, and those who do will no longer subsidize high energy users. A reduction in condo fees of 8.5% balances the monthly administrative charge of $12. We will have the benefit of their experience when we consider this measure ourselves.
interim finances
At the midway point of our fiscal year, we can report that finances are in good shape – that is, the budget is progressing as predicted. However, utility prices, the weather, interest rates, unexpected repairs and other factors will all play a part in determining the final bottom line. This is a bare bones budget which needs careful administration and does not leave much room for extras. One particular area of worry currently is the fallen interest rate, which may not generate adequate income as planned for our Reserve Fund.
Thank you to those of you who are careful not to let strangers follow you into the building, whether through the front door or the garage. “Show Your Fob” if you’re following someone. Make this a secure building for all of us! SHOW YOUR FOB !
declaration, bylaws & rules
Residents are reminded that it is their responsibility to be familiar with the “DBR”s, and that it is the legal responsibility of the Board and Management to enforce them. If you don’t have a copy, these may be found on www.theeastmarket.ca. Also, the Residents’ Handbook is a valuable resource for matters pertaining to our condo and individual units.
thank you to our volunteers!
Our volunteers do a lot of work to enhance life at EM3, and save us some expenses too. A few recent examples: Hild Rygnestad & Rob Potter run the Wii Wednesdays and Sunday Movie Nights; J R Ello helps out with notices; Eric Bedard takes care of part of our landscaping; Dave Gibson was in charge of flowers for the terrace and hostas for the outside garden. There are many others working behind the scenes, and we want to thank them all for their excellent contribution. If you would like to help out, please send an email to the Phase 3 Board or drop us a note at the lobby desk. It could be a one time, task specific thing, or regular participation – either would be appreciated!