Snow Clearing & Winter Reminders

Dear Resident,

Winter Reminders

Snow Clearing

As you may have noticed, over the last few years, we have begun to see a trend in an increasing amount of freezing rain each year and we expect this to be the case again this winter.  As a result, you may notice an increase in the amount of salt used by our contractors to keep your areas safe. We will make every effort to apply the minimum amount of salt required without impacting your safety.   

As we do every year, we ask that you please read the following very carefully in order to understand what is to be expected from your snow contractor.

  1. Snow removal crews will work only when a snowfall is more then 5 cm of snow recorded at the Ottawa International Airport.

  1. During a snow event, the contractor will arrive as quickly as possible to ensure that you are able to leave the parking lot. They may not do around cars and such the first visit.

  1. Your walkways will be cleared as soon as possible after the snow storm has stopped.  Again, this contract only applies when 5cm of snow or more is recorded at the Ottawa Airport. If we have a lesser snowfall our Superintendents will make every effort to keep the walkways as clear and safe as possible.

  2. The contractor will return to clear away the city plough debris.  It is impossible for our contractor to be everywhere all the time, so it is helpful to us, if you see the city plough has gone by to send us a friendly email and we will pass it on to the contractor.

  1. The Contractor will return once the snow has stopped to clean the lot as best as possible.  If you are able to move your car when this happens it will make for a much cleaner lot.

Please remember that our contractors are doing their best to get to your lot in a timely manner, but if the entire city is at a standstill our contractors will be too.  In that case, please be patient and ensure you exercise the appropriate caution when you are out and about.

For updates on snow events and when to expect your contractor please follow us on Facebook at or on Twitter @ccpropertyman.

Thank you and have a great winter!

The Capital Concierge Team.