show your fob campaign

As you will soon see, we are starting a campaign to encourage everyone to think about security in our building. We are calling it the "Show Your FOB" campaign and the aim is to get everyone to show his or her electronic key fob when you follow someone into the building. This way we will all help each other keep our building safe - without causing any embarrassment about asking people if they live here. So - next time someone opens the door with their key FOB and you enter after them - show your own key FOB to them. This way, the other person won't feel awkward asking if you live in EM3 and you won't feel like they suspect you! We aim to make this a fun and lasting campaign. So if you have creative ideas on how to design our "Show Your FOB" posters, please email them to Hild Rygnestad in the Health, Safety & Facilities committee (