Shared General Visitor Parking

Please note that:

Selected Visitor Parking Units will be closed on

Tuesday November 6th 2012 from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

The Visitor Parking spots numbered 17 & 18 will have a visible notice advising that these spots are temporarily closed while the Corporation is performing work on the membrane. For detail on visitor parking please go to: or

Please be reminded of the Permitted Use of Visitor Parking:

Only Visitors of Residents: Visitor parking is only to be used by visitors of residents of The East Market. No owner or tenant may park in the visitor parking at any time. No worker, employee and/or customer of the retail units of The East Market, may park in visitor parking at any time.

General parking rules apply: Note that section 9 of the Rules & Regulations; pertaining to parking in general, also pertains to visitor parking.

Short-term spaces

Three (3) hours, no registration: Visitors may park on a short-term basis for a maximum of three (3) hours ONLY in the designated short-term parking spots, without registering. Registered vehicles shall not park in short-term parking spots.

Regular spaces

Limit to 3 out of 7 days: Visitors may park in regular visitor spaces, on a maximum of three (3) calendar days within a seven (7) day period. The seven (7) day period begins on the first day the vehicle is parked and registered.

Must register: The resident must register the vehicle of any visitor using a regular space. This may be done 24 hours per day by using the following methods:

Phone: (613) 228-7715

Internet Visitor Parking Registration:



Ticketing / towing: Any vehicle parked in contravention of the rules will be ticketed and/or towed at the expense of the vehicle owner. There will be NO exceptions to the rules. All email registrations receive a confirmation number and all phone registrations are recorded and tracked. Registrations that do not indicate the correct licence plate number will not be considered Official. Should you not receive a registration number or register properly with the correct licence plate number and not parked in the proper spot, your vehicle will be considered illegally parked and subject to ticketing.

Please refer to the back of a ticket for instructions on payment and court instructions.