Security Notice

Please be advised that a call was received from the Constable in charge of patrols in our neighborhood. He has advised that his team has stepped up patrols in the area of The East Market Condominiums over the past month after receiving several complaints of squatters in our lobbies, and general trespassing incidents this winter.  Please note, our building has “Special Agent Status”, allowing trespassing charges to be laid on behalf of the Corporations given our building is considered private property.


In order to assist with the efforts of our police, residents are encouraged to please call police at their non-life-threatening emergency line 

(613) 230-6211, to report any squatters at our entrance or elsewhere in the building. Of course, if a person is in distress, please call 911.   


As a result of this initiative, Officers will respond and identify any repeat offenders, and track incidents in order to ensure a proper allocation of police resources to deal with the problem if it persists.


Together, we can help keep our neighborhood safe.


Thank you