renting your unit

renting parking or storage units

Parking units and storage lockers may only be rented to residents of one of the three phases of The East Market condominiums.

renting residential or retail units

Owners of residential or retail units may rent out their unit according to the following restrictions and requirements:

tenant obligations

The tenant must provide sign a Tenant Acknowledgement and Undertaking Form before they will be permitted to move in, and before their name will be added to the front door enterphone system. This form is available from the property manager, or online here. The tenant must also sign to indicate that they have received a copy of this handbook before they may be permitted to move in. The tenant is bound by all rules, bylaws and the Declaration.

landlord obligations

The landlord must provide a signed Tenant Information Form before the tenant will be permitted to move in. This provides key information to ensure that the unit owner (landlord) still receives all key communications for unit owners, and is also vital in the case of an emergency. This form is available from the property manager, or online here. The landlord must also provide a copy of the signed lease to the Condominium Corporation.

landlord use of facilities

A unit owner who has rented out their unit does not have the right to access the property, including parking areas or amenities such as the gym or party room, for the duration that the unit is rented. The tenant has full access to these facilities instead.
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