phase 3 president’s message

The setup of the patio furniture (thank you Mariano!) heralded the start of good weather. The Board of Directors wishes all residents an enjoyable season barbecuing, and sun tanning by the reflecting pool. An inspection of the outdoor area after the snow melted revealed: lots of cigarette butts, broken glass, litter and some animal waste. The barbecue was damaged, and the areas around it and the interior carpet had grease stains. This led me to think, after several months on the Board dealing with many issues and picking up litter virtually daily (in spite of the valiant efforts by Brian to keep the place clean), that we should think about our vertical village not so much as a village, but a big living room shared by us all, with each of us having our own rooms (units). We all have a responsibility in keeping our common areas clean and tidy. We all have a responsibility in not abusing the equipment and amenities provided. And we all have a responsibility to be considerate to our neighbours, realizing that some actions within our own units have an impact on others. I thank the majority of you who are doing your part, and encourage the others to do their part as well. This will make EM Phase III an enjoyable place to live and will minimize the repair/replacement costs we all have to bear, reflected in condo fees or rent. Once again, I urge everyone to be familiar with the Declaration, Bylaws & Rules of the condominium. UPDATES - Now, some good news! The Board worked hard over the winter and has proceeded with the following enhancements to the building: Under the leadership of Mario Gasperetti the lobby, as well as the parking level lobbies, have been patched and repainted. Loose baseboards will be re-glued. A phone has been installed in the Party Room connected directly to the Enterphone system in the lobby, so that hosts can buzz guests in. The process for connecting our cable TV to the lobby camera so that we can see who’s buzzing us, an important security feature, is underway. FOB reader has been installed outside the main garage entrance. Another reader will be installed outside the main level garage. This will enable bikes to enter the garage without going through the lobby. The garage and the windows have been cleaned professionally. The Performance Audit/Reserve Fund Study is being conducted. This will involve an inspection of the common elements; it is entirely separate from the inspection of your individual units. Last, but not least, we are continuing to deal with the problem of garbage smell. This is a complex problem, not limited to the location of the vent. We have to proceed systematically, dealing with each cause. You can help by following the garbage guidelines below. Alan Wu President – East Market Phase III