Phase 3 Newsletter 2008 issue 3

An appreciation
Volunteers contribute much to the quality of life at EM3, as well as saving us expenses in many ways. Hild Rygnestad and Rob Potter have been exemplary in this regard. Co-Chairs of the Health, Safety & Security Committee, their contribution over the past two years have been numerous - organizing campaigns, designing/providing posters, providing and washing towels for the gym, editing the Residents’ Handbook, organizing Wii Wednesdays and Movie Nights at EM3, and other activities too many to mention. Hild and Rob have resigned from their positions due to busy work commitments. The Board of Directors extend to them heartfelt thanks for their excellent contributions, and thank them for their continued involvement in various aspects of EM3 life.
Would you allow a stranger to follow you into your house? Of course not. Yet, this is what many of us are doing at our front door – allowing strangers to enter without any question. Although serious vandalism and break-ins have decreased of late, vigilance by all residents continue to be needed to keep it that way. To avoid letting unauthorized persons in, please observe the "Show Your Fob" guidelines. Also, do not let anyone follow you into the garage (either car or pedestrian). Remember, "One Car One Click"! New entrance ramp installations will be done in the near future to encourage this. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping all of us safe.
the correct declaration/rules on website
Original buyers have all been given a copy of the Declaration, Bylaws & Rules when we bought from the Developer (and tenants should have been given a copy by their landlords). These are now out of date. Please download the current copy from, click 'handbook" then click "Phase 3 documents". Bulletins and other info, e.g. Newsletters, are posted on the website, as well as contact information. The new, forthcoming Residents’ Handbook will also be posted. Residents should be familiar with the contents of the Declaration, Bylaws & Rules, since rules are contained in all of these documents and not just the Rules section.
lobby watch
Did you know? You can view your visitors on your TV. Rogers channels 998 or 69 and Bell 19 will display a quad-split showing the main lobby, Cumberland garage entrance, P1 visitor call box, and P1 elevator lobby. This facilitates the identification of your visitors, and confirming that they have gained entrance.
wall patching & repainting
Lobby walls and all party room walls, ceilings, etc. have been patched and touched up. Your cooperation will be very much appreciated in taking care to avoid gauging and scratching the walls to minimize this expense. Also, please do not tape or tack posters, notices, ads etc. to ANY SURFACE IN THE BUILDING. This applies particularly in and around the party room, where posters and decorations have marred the paint on the walls and ceilings. Also, please avoid putting decorations on the overhead pipes – inadvertent setting off of sprinkler heads will cost the party room user thousands of dollars in repairs!
colling of units at "shoulder" season
During the last little while, heating and cooling have presented some challenges. While some units on the north side needed heat, units on the south side needed AC. In most older buildings (even Phases 1 and 2, where the AC was shut off October 2), there is only a "either or" option – the system can ONLY deliver heat or AC. In Phase 3, the builder has put in a more expensive four pipe system, designed to deliver both at the same time, to a certain degree. The availability of AC is especially necessary for the units on the south and west side. If the sun is out, the outside temperature could be 4 degrees, and the inside temperature could be 26 degrees. Herein lies the challenge – the chillers allegedly could be set to trigger on at below zero temperatures, but at the present time the company advises it not be set below 10 degrees without jeopardizing the chillers. In addition, there has to be enough units calling for AC for it to kick in. This presents a problem for the above scenario of 4 vs. 26 degrees. In addition, even when outside temperatures rise to 10 degrees, it takes the chillers a significant amount of time to kick in. We are working with the builder and the installer/maintenance to improve the system, if possible. However, if hot air is coming out of your HVAC, even when the thermostat is set BELOW room temperature, this may be a problem you need to get repaired.
Parking and Locker Units
Just a reminder – these can ONLY be sold or rented to existing East Market Condominium residents/owners – no outsiders, including people who work in the area in the daytime needing a spot to park. Also, as in the other phases and buildings, parking spots are for parking only, and cannot be used for storage except bikes.
don’t forget
Our annual Christmas Party is on December 13 in the Party Room. Enjoy the season with your fellow residents. Sign up for the party – the list is on the mail room notice board.
Window washing was high on the "wish list", according to the Opinion Survey conducted some time ago. Consequently an extra window washing was authorized by the Board of Directors, because of the high quantity of construction dirt and dust this year. Carpets in the corridors and the party room have also received additional cleaning to remove the stains. Your cooperation in keeping them clean will be very much appreciated.
Please attend the AGM on December 2, at 7 pm in the Party Room, or submit your proxy beforehand. If there is no quorum, condo business cannot carry on, and extra expense will be incurred to organize another meeting. Thank you!
security improvement - fob-only system
In the near future we will be changing over to a FOB only system on all building entrance doors (not individual unit doors), similar to the other Phases. The present keys can be copied easily, presenting a security concern. Medico keys cannot be copied, but are very expensive. Using a fob system has the added advantage that we can track and identify all entrants to different areas of the building, in case we need to investigate crimes such as theft, vandalism, etc..
call for volunteers
We need people who want to make EM3 even better than it is. You can make a difference on one of our committees – finance; health, safety & facilities; social; communications; environment; gardening....send your name and area of interest to the phase 3 board. A big thank you for those who are already volunteering.
Please be a responsible resident – beer and other bottles have been landing with regularity onto the terrace and patio, as well as other items such as cigarette butts. Please be aware that high winds can blow off items such as bottles on your balcony; a plastic chair recently landed on the street during high winds, narrowly missing a pedestrian. A bottle landed on the terrace, bounced and broke a party room window, which will be costly to replace. A big heavy candle was thrown onto the daycare’s roof, and beer bottles are still thrown onto the terrace around the lawn. Deliberate acts like these are dangerous criminal acts, and will be treated as such.
transition of function – concierge to superintendant
When our units came on the market initially, one of the advertized features was the availability of a Concierge. However, when the Board of Directors took over the Corporation, we discovered that there was no budget for a Superintendant. Obviously, as in all condo buildings, we need a Superintendant to perform numerous daily maintenance, repair, administrative and other tasks, especially now that our building’s warranty period is mostly over. Therefore Mariano’s job description has been changed to fit this reality – to perform tasks for the building, and less for individual residents. Please do not ask him to perform personal tasks for you. Your understanding of this change is much appreciated.