Phase 3 Fall Newsletter

The company advises that the following repairs and upgrades were made September 18: These repairs should have a major effect on hoist way positioning, landing signals, proper door operation and general reliability. Please let Management know if problems occur again.
from the "health, safety & facilities" volunteer committee chairperson
Thanks to our resident volunteers who take turns to maintain the supply of clean towels in the gym.  Next time you see the pile of used towels building up, feel free to add them to your next laundry load and return them clean and folded.  All gym users will be grateful. Is there a movie you would like to see on our big screen? Submit your suggestions to the Phase 3 Board.  Our Monthly Movie Nights continue with the next show on 26th October at 7:00 pm in the Party Room, featuring “The Hudsacker Proxy” directed by the Coen brothers, featuring Tim Robbins, Paul Newman, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.  Look for an event poster in the mail room. Wii Wednesdays continue on a weekly basis as it has done for two
months now.  Bring a friend and come play Nintendo Wii in the Party Room
from 8:00 pm to around 10:30 pm.  Try bowling, tennis, golf, archery,
swimming, skiing and much more on our Big Screen!  No prior skills needed.
All age-groups. If you have one, bring your own remote and nunchuck.
garbage room update
Continuous and successful efforts have been made to reduce the odour problem outside, including the elimination of a heat exchanger in the room, installation of extra cooling, and the recent installation of an industrial grade air filter machine directly on the venting pipe. Please send your feedback to the Board. The odour inside the room cannot be eliminated – after all, it’s a garbage room. Residents can help reduce the odour by tightly bagging all garbage and not shoving large/expandable items (e.g. cardboard boxes) into the chute. Bottles must be taken down to the garbage room. Please Read the bulletin on the East Market website on Garbage & Recycling.
annual christmas party
Mark your calendars – December 13, Saturday. Pot luck supper. Fabulous prizes! More details to come.
noisy neighbours
There have been a significant number of complaints, especially regarding late night loud noises in the corridors, units and balconies. Please be aware that Condo Rules, and Ottawa bylaws, prohibit this. Loud conversations on balconies are especially disturbing, since they pass through windows of the neighbours easily. Friday-Sunday late night and early morning complaints - contact Security at 613 978 1266. Ottawa Bylaw Enforcement can also be called at 311. Please also send your complaint to Property Management noting the date, time and type of disturbance, to facilitate building a case against the offender.
residents' handbook
Thanks mainly to Hild & Rob Rygnestad, the Handbook will be ready for distribution soon. Salim Uddin of XpressO Cafe has generously contributed the entire cost of graphics design and printing. Thank you Salim! Lots of useful information is in the Handbook. If you move, please leave it for the next resident. Updates will be published on The East Market website, Handbook section
neighborhood watch
Residents concerned about our neighbourhood would find it interesting to attend meetings of the Lowertown Community Association. Also of interest would be newsletters put out by Neighbourhood Watch.
pet management
Most of us are conscientious pet owners, however some need reminding now and then. Condominium Rules prohibit the befouling of common areas, including the outside walls of our building, outside plant beds, etc. Please be a good neighbour – do not allow your pet to urinate on common elements inside and outside. And remember to stoop and scoop! The Condo Corporation has the authority to order the removal of pets if appropriate Rules are not followed.
AGM & elections
The Annual General Meeting for Owners will be on November 18. An information package will be sent beforehand. Please make an effort to attend – the business of the Corporation cannot carry on if there is no quorum. Two positions will be up for elections. The current Vice President Mario Gasperetti’s term is up, and he will run again. Mathew Wilson, the Secretary-Treasurer, has moved and has resigned. His valuable contribution and services to the Board are very much appreciated. We will continue to require dedicated individuals who will commit the time and the necessary skills skills to these positions. Details will be in the package.