Phase 3 Fall 09 Newsletter

REMINDER – REGISTER YOUR FOBS Please remember to register all your FOBs. Details are on the Notice Board. Very soon, key access will no longer be used because of security concerns (keys can be copied) - Phases 1 and 2 have never had key access.  The FOB readers are backed up by emergency power in case of electricity failure; also, there are multiple FOB readers for entering the building in case one fails (we have not had any failures during the life of the building). Besides the front door reader, there are readers at the emergency staircase exits, and outside the George Street and Cumberland garages. Speaking of security, residents are reminded again not to let anyone follow them into the building unless they show their FOB. Please don’t be responsible for causing serious security problems. HST IS COMING TO ONTARIO! The Province of Ontario has decided to implement the harmonized sales tax. From all indications, this will lead to more costs for condominiums and a strain on our budget. For example, the following expenses will rise from 5% to 13%: The tax on most maintenance and repair projects The tax on electricity, gas and telecommunication services. This will be significant, since 45% of our budget is energy costs. The tax on professional fees, such as legal, accounting, and management fees. MAINTENANCE OF PUBLIC SPACES A special effort is being made to patch/touch up dents and scrapes as soon as they occur. Special cleaning of carpets are being done more often. The front door mat has been thoroughly cleaned. These efforts may not be very evident since there are lots of traffic and spills. Your help in keeping the building clean and damage free will be much appreciated. PARKING SPOTS AND LOCKERS A special reminder – these can be rented ONLY to residents of East Market, Phases 1, 2 and 3. Property Management needs to be informed of the licence plate/name of the renter. NOISE DISTURBANCES There have been a significant number of complaints regarding noise, especially late night/early morning parties. Residents should be aware that there are rules protecting the right of “quiet enjoyment” of residents. Noisy behaviour on the balconies or the corridors disturb others and cannot be tolerated. Neither can loud music and partying which transmit to other units. The Board of Directors has directed Management to use all legal means to enforce the rules. You can help by following these “report and record” procedures: Promptly call 311 whenever there is a disturbance.  Records of such calls/investigations will be used against the offenders Promptly call the security guard during the weekend, 613-241-7900 or 613- 978 1266. Promptly report the details of the disturbance to the Property Manager/Board Record details of ALL disturbances, to be used as evidence in proceedings against offenders Your cooperation will help to eliminate this kind of inconsiderate behaviour, and preserve the quality of life as well as the reputation (and property value) of our building. HELP!! Please help prevent injuries to our cleaners by not throwing GLASS objects down the chute. Recycle them by bringing them down to the garbage room. Large items such as cardboard boxes and big garbage bags that need to be stuffed into the chute may block the chute. This will inconvenience everyone because it takes time to clear and reset the chute. Please bring those down also, or divide them into smaller items. Messy items, such as used diapers, smelly kitchen waste, etc. should be SECURELY tied and bagged. Loose items will smell up the garbage system, including the outside vents, and will necessitate extra cleaning costs. Your cooperation with the above will be very much appreciated. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday November 24 – please mark your calendars. It is very important to have quorum, otherwise condo business cannot be carried on. If you cannot attend, please submit your signed proxy (an AGM package will be coming) to help achieve quorum.