Phase 2 Lobby Floor Refinishing and Room Closure

The Phase II Board of Directors is pleased to inform you that the lobby flooring and adjacent hallways in the Phase II Building will be refinished the week of September 17th.  The concrete flooring (areas marked in grey on the diagram below) will be resurfaced, the colour enhanced to a slate grey and resealed with a high‑gloss protective finish.  This project will take four days to complete, commencing 8:00am Monday, September 17th and ending 8:00am Friday, September 21st.   The schedule below describes the work to be completed and provides instruction on when the lobby and common areas must be completely avoided.  Additional enhancements to the lobby will follow in the coming months.   All materials to be used in the refinishing of the floor are eco‑friendly, water-based products which are low-odour and do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

While all measures will be taken to schedule work during periods of low foot traffic in the lobby, your cooperation and understanding are critical to the successful outcome of this project.  Resurfacing the concrete will result in increased levels of dust throughout the main floor common areas.   Measures will be taken to reduce the flow of dust.  For those residents who have dust allergies or those who would prefer to avoid/minimize their exposure to the area of work, the Board suggests that residents avoid entering OR exiting the building off of Cumberland Street for the entire week and instead:

Phase II fobs also permit residents to enter Phase I from the York Street entrance.  After you have entered Phase I, take the elevators to the 2nd floor and follow the corridor to the left and enter Phase II through the double set of doors where you will find yourself in Phase II on the 2nd floor.  To exit Phase II follow the reverse of these instructions.

The schedule of work is as follows:

Monday, September 17 (Day 1):

Tuesday, September 18 (Day 2):

Wednesday, September 19 (Day 3):

NOTE: the quality of the floor finish is dependant upon these guidelines being adhered to!

Thursday, September 20 (Day 4):

NOTE: the quality of the floor finish is dependant upon these guidelines being adhered to!

Friday, September 21 (Day 5):

If you have any questions, please contact the project manager, Serina Fraser, principal designer from Clear.

You may also contact members of the Phase II Board

Thank you very much for your cooperation!