Phase 1 AGM January 8

It has come to the board's attention that AGM packages mailed to non-resident owners were returned yesterday (Dec 11) by Canada Post due to a problem with the postage. Although the property manager has acted quickly to have the printing company correct this and re-mail these with the correct postage, the bottom line is that these owners will not receive enough advance notice of the meeting. While the board sincerely regrets any inconvenience the change in date may cause, we feel it is only fair and responsible to reschedule the upcoming AGM to ensure all owners receive proper notice of the AGM. We hope that all of you who are celebrating during this holiday season have a safe and happy holiday, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

All owners are urged to attend if you are available

During this meeting a number of important matters will be voted on, and directors will be elected to the 3 open board positions.

If you won't be attending

Please fill in a proxy form with your votes, and deliver under the door of unit 808, 1301 or 1401. If you no longer have the proxy form, forms are available in the mailroom, or on the website at: