patio, gardens & bbqs

photo of bbqThe East Market complex features exterior patio and garden areas. These areas feature BBQ facilities, tables, chairs and loungers. Phase 1 and 2 residents can access the phase 1 and 2 Patio/Garden/BBQ area from the Party/Event Room. Phase 3 residents can access the phase 3 Patio/Garden/BBQ area from the second floor amenity area of the phase 3 tower.

keep louder activities indoors

Please remember that any sounds above a normal speaking voice may disturb owners in the units above the patio area. Please restrict louder activities to inside the party room.

closing time

The patio, garden and BBQ area closes at 10 pm Sunday-Thursday and 11 pm Friday and Saturday.


Cleaning supplies are located under the sink in the party room. When you are finished with the BBQs, please ensure that you have not only turned off all burners, but also turned off the main gas valve. For phase 1 and 2 residents, the main valve is located on the propane tank. For phase 3 residents, the main valve is located below the BBQ.

when finished

Lastly, When finished with the BBQs or Patio Area, please leave the area as you found it, including putting furniture back in its original arrangement.


Pets do not have access to the terrace. This rule was initiated after a period of time when some residents had been walking their pets and failed to pick up the animal waste. Our Terrace is a place to enjoy, cook and eat and as such animal waste creates a health risk.


No resident shall permit noisy, rowdy or raucous behaviour in the patio and garden area, nor any behaviour or noise which disturbs the comfort and quiet enjoyment of other residents, their families, guests, visitors, and persons having business with them.