Party Room Renewal

As mentioned in the recent newsletter, the Shared Facility Improvement Committee has looked at improvements to the shared Party Room/Lounge that adjoins the patio area. The final plan for the room has now been reviewed and approved in conjunction with the Phase 1 and 2 Boards, and design consultant Serina Fraser of Clear. The Boards are pleased to report that the first stage of this plan, which involves replacement of the flooring, countertop, and repainting, is now moving forward. As budget permits over the long term, most likely in 2010, we hope to move forward with other aspects of this long-term plan such as adding new furniture and new lighting. Here are more details on the plan for the Party Room/Lounge: 1. Replacement of the existing carpet, which is impractical to keep clean and poorly suited to such a space, with a cost-effective marmoleum product, similar to that used in the gym which will enhance the attractiveness of the space and will make it a room that owners and residents will be proud to use when hosting events. 2. Re-painting of the room, not only to keep it well maintained, but also to add a dynamic visual element to this space. 3. Replacing the orange countertop with a more sophisticated and attractive black countertop. 4. Future enhancements (~2010): Adding furniture, more desirable lighting, a standing bar area, and enclosing the closet / vestibule space. The first 3 items have been budgeted for as part of the recently completed Reserve Fund Study Update. Please Note: As a result of this work, the room will be closed from the time of this notice until approximately December 5th. We've confirmed that no events have been booked to use the space during this timeframe. Three sketches depicting the new design concept are on below page for your information. We trust you will enjoy the enhancements to these shared amenities.