party / event room

room location

The East Market complex has two party/event rooms. The party/event room for phase 1 and 2 residents is located on the ground floor below phase 2. To reach this room go right from 383 Cumberland lobby, past the gym and through the door at the end of the hall. The door to the party/event room will be on your left. The room is equipped with basic kitchen facilities. A washroom is located down the hall, in the gym area. The party/event room for phase 3 residents is located on the 2nd floor of the phase 3 tower, next to the patio area. Turn left when you get off the elevators, and left again at the end of the hall. The room is equipped with basic kitchen facilities, and washrooms are located next to the room.


The Party / Event Rooms close at 2 am every day.

reserving the room

you are responsible for your actions and those of your guests

easy access for visitors

For phase 1 and 2 residents, when your visitors arrive at the building, they can reach you on the phone in the party/event room by dialing 3587 from the front door directory. For Phase 3 residents, visitors can dial 9999 from the front door enterphone.

phase 1/2 supplied dishes

For your convenience and to reduce waste, dishes are available to residents who have reserved the use of the phase 1/2 Party Room. You can get the key to the cupboards when you reserve the party room through the superintendent as pay your deposit. The following is an inventory of all dishes available. You are responsible for ensuring all dishes are cleaned, dry, well-organized, and locked in these cupboards following your party. The replacement cost of any dishes broken or missing will be deducted from your Party Room reservation deposit. 24 plates 24 teaspoons 24 forks 24 butter knives 24 steak knives 24 clear plastic cups 1 cutting board 1 stainless steel serving platter 2 large stainless steel bowls 1 cutlery tray 1 dish rack and draining tray 1 metal rack, for stacking cutting board, platter, and bowls in cupboard Dish soap, scrubbies, and dish towels are not provided.
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