use of parking spaces

photo of car Nothing except a motor vehicle and secured bicycle should be stored in parking units.

sale or renting of parking spaces

Parking stalls may only be rented to residents of The East Market. Renting of spaces to non-residents is forbidden as per the legal declaration and rules, and will be strictly enforced. Likewise, parking spaces may only be sold to owners of a residential or retail until in The East Market complex.

accessing the garage

If you or your visitors use the garage doors, please read this carefully. Also, please pass this on to any visitors that you will have use the visitor parking area. With everyone's help by following these instructions, we hope to minimize the following two problems:
  1. Security: There have been a number of break-ins when someone has followed a resident / visitor into the garage.
  2. Garage Door Collisions: There have also incidents of vehicles colliding with the garage doors.
You will be responsible for any damage to your vehicle, as well as the cost of garage door repair / replacement, in situations where these instructions are not followed.

one car, one click

To discourage unauthorized people entering behind you, and to avoid garage door collisions, only one person / vehicle should enter at a time. Do not attempt to follow another vehicle into the garage while the door is open. Also, please watch for anyone following you in, and pause at the bottom of the ramp until the door closes.

opening garage door for visitors

For security, the garage door does not stay open long. After your visitor calls you, you should wait 5-10 seconds before pressing the 6 key to open the garage door. This will give your visitor time to get back in their car before you open the door. Fobs should not be given to visitors to operate the garage door. The door does not remain open long enough for cars to safely access the garage by this means, and damage to vehicle and/or door is likely. (The fob reader at the garage door is for use by cyclists who have lockers that are accessed via this entrance, since bicycles are not permitted on the elevators.)

if the door has started to close

For your safety and to avoid potential damages to your vehicle, if the door has started to close do not attempt to get through the doorway before the door closes, as there's a high risk that you will collide with the door. Instead, wait and re-open the door as described below.

if you have to wait

If you have to wait for other traffic or pedestrians after the door has opened, do not attempt to proceed through the doorway once the traffic has passed, but before the doors closes. Again, there's a high risk that you will collide with the door as it closes. Re-open the door as described below.

reopening the Garage Door

If you are unable to safely proceed through the door for any of the reasons listed above, simply re-open the door as follows:
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