Parking Garage Closures for Repairs

You may be aware that a Performance Audit by an engineering firm was done on our building, and the builder has been hard at work rectifying the deficiencies found. One of these deficiencies is the waterproofing membrane on the garage floors, many areas of which need repair. This will be done at no cost to us, but will require that all vehicles be removed from various sections of the garage on the following schedule: Phase 3 level P1 from Monday, April 21st to Sunday, April 27th - Visitor parking will be closed. Phase 3 level P2 from Monday April 28th to Sunday May 4th Phase 3 George Garage from Monday May 5th to Sunday May 11th (Repairs on P-3 are not required.) Arrangements for alternative parking are being made. We will keep you informed as these are finalized. If you are able to find alternate parking on your own, please advise. This will be an inconvenience for all who use the parking garages. We hope you understand that this disruption is necessary so that our building is kept in optimum condition, minimizing expenses, safety issues and problems later on.