Oct Board Meeting Update

Here are updates from the latest phase 1 board meeting:
Hallway Paint Touch-ups
The board and management toured all common area hallways together and identified chips and other damage to walls. We all need to be aware that a perfect repair can only be done when the time comes to fully repaint these hallways. But in the meantime, these sorts of paint touch-ups can help keep the hallways looking their best and extend the life of the paint job.
Garbage Room Odour
Property management is continuing to look for a solution to garbage room odour, particularly in the area along the street where the room is vented. Steps have been taken, but the problem is persisting. A number of experts are being consulted in the hopes of finding a long-term solution.
Electricity Submetering with Stratacon
As everyone has been made aware, all units are now being metered for electricity consumption, with the first billing period ending October 31st. It has come to our attention that some owners have not yet filled in the enrollment form to setup your account with Stratacon. If you have not filled out the form, your first bill will come addressed simply to your unit number. A copy of the form was delivered in paper form to all unit owners, and is also available on theeastmarket.ca website. Just as you are responsible for paying your monthly condo fees, it's important that you fill out the enrollment form and ensure your electricity bill is paid on time, to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to your unit, and to avoid any lien being placed on your unit.