News from Phase 3 Aug 20, 2007 Resident’s Meeting

Monday August 20, 2007




Opening Remarks:

President Alan Wu took the opportunity to thank all of the residents who have taken the time to work on volunteer committees, and the directors for their dedication and workload.  It is through active participation that we will be able to ensure that EM III continues to be an attractive place to live and own.

Alan spoke about many of the concerns that the board continues to see and be informed of.  These include:

  1. Maintaining the overall appearance of the building is a challenge as residents continue to mistreat the common areas.  Garbage is left in corridors, messes are found in elevators and in front lobby and the garbage chute rules continue to be broken.
  2. Security is an issue that the board is very concerned about.  The “show your FOB” campaign is working well however there have been security incidences, which the board feels need to be addressed.
  3. Overall disrespect of the rules is an issue that the board is very concerned about and will be taking a hard line approach on in the next couple of months.
  4. The elevators are a serious issue for the board and we have met with the representative from Thyssen.  Both parties are committed to finding a permanent solution to end continual breakdowns.


Alan spoke to the major accomplishments that the board has made since the spring meeting. 

  1. Cleaning staff have been increased to ensure that there is 7 days a week coverage.
  2. Discussions with the developer have been positive with respect to addressing a number of “deficiencies”.  This includes; adding FOB readers to both garage doors, finding a permanent solution to the garbage room smell and increasing security.
  3. To assist in the security of the building the enter phone camera has been established for Rogers, Bell will follow soon.  A phone has been added to the Party Room to allow residents to open the door for their guests.
  4. The performance audit has been completed and the building has a very good structural report.
  5. The committee has started to revitalize the front lobby and parking vestibules.


The results of the opinion survey were discussed.  Approximately 28% of residents completed the survey and overall the top items were:

  1. Fixing the garbage room smell
  2. 24/7 security
  3. Mirror outside the garage doors.

This will assist the board in setting the financial agenda for the next year.

Alan also presented an overview of “individual metering”, which is mandated by the province with a deadline of 2010. In essence this takes the hydro costs off the condo fees, but adds it to individual owners’ bills according to the actual hydro they consume . Available information indicates that there will be a saving for most residents. The Board is still investigating and has not committed to doing this yet.

Open Forum:

Many residents raised issues and brought forth constructive solutions:

  1. Concerns about units being too hot in winter
    1. Several units had issues with controlling the temperature in the winter months.  This has been noted in the performance audit and residents are encouraged to note it in their TARION forms (Including this and other unit specific items on the TARION form is the owner’s responsibility not the board’s).
    2. The Board is looking at modifications to the chillers that may allow the chillers to run later into the winter.  There is a cost associated with this and it will be reviewed in relation to the budget and condo fees.


  1. Locker dust/dampness and storage of unsafe items
    1. Health concerns where raised with respect to the dust levels in the lockers and white substances on concrete walls.
    2. The performance audit noted a concern with respect to the amount of dust on the filtration units in the locker rooms.  Also the performance audit raised the concern with respect to dampness on concrete walls (in particular the south wall) this will cause salts to be pushed out of the concrete and cause a white substance, which, although needs to be addressed by the builder does not cause a health risk.
    3. Residents have notices chemicals or combustible items stored in lockers.  This is not a safe practises and needs to be addressed.
  1. Accessibility of cold water
    1. Many residents indicated that there is a lack of cold water in their units.
    2. The board will pursue this with the builder through the performance audit and raise it with the company currently under contract to manage the HVAC (heating and cooling) unit.


  1. Security
    1. Residents had concern with security in the building.
    2. The board has approved a contract to add security/concierge services on Thursdays, Fridays from 8pm – 2:30 am, Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 2:30 a.m.. A front desk number will be provided so that residents can call if they have any issues.  As well the security staff will be monitoring the party room to ensure that rules are followed and that it is properly cleaned after parties.
  1. Visitor Parking
    1. There was some concern with respect to the rules and company monitoring the visitor parking.
    2. The board is aware of the concerns and will continue to monitor the situation however, the parking rules are now being followed and the board feels that the visitor parking area is now being managed in a much better manner.


  1. Work being done to windows
    1. Residents wanted to know what was happening to the windows and had concerns with the screws that were being used to replace the metal framing.
    2. Doran Construction under the direction of Urban Capital has undertaken a large job to redo the majority (or all if necessary) of the metal framing.  This resulted from some leaks in the upper units.  This has been noted in the performance audit.  There will be no cost to the residents.
  1. Changes to locks on residential units
    1. The rules indicate that no changes can be made to the unit doors without board approval.  Any changes need to be submitted to the board for consideration


  1. Safety issue regarding cigarette butts off balconies
    1. There have been two reported causes of fire caused by cigarette buts being thrown from balconies.
    2. The board will post a special notice to assist in preventing this occurrence.
  1. Bilingualism
    1. Residents requested that notices and communication be provided in both official languages.
    2. The board currently has French speaking representation as well it will, where it is cost effective, make available French services and notices.


Performance Audit:

Mario spoke to the results of the performance audit.  Overall the results were very positive.  There is a list of items that have been identified to TARION as deficiencies.  The builder is required to provide, to the board, a solution for all of the issues listed.  This is a long process and can take two or more years.  A special audit of the elevator systems was done and surprisingly to the board the report was fairly positive.  That said there were several items that were identified which may be contributing to the ongoing problems with the elevators. The Board will be actively pursuing these.


Lobby Revitalization:

Mario presented the plans for the completion of the lobby revitalization.  The painting has been done and a combination of new planters, plants, a mirror, photos and EM III lettering will be added to the lobby and parking entrances.  This will help improve the overall look of the building entrances.


Mathew presented an update on rules.  The rule that prevents pets from the second level terrace was posted and the 30 days have passed, therefore the rule is in effect.  As well the board is going to take a harder line on the rules to maintain the overall appearance of the building and maintain the enjoyment of the residents.  A rule exists that prevents bike from entering the elevators which the board intends to enforce to ensure that walls and the elevator are not damaged and that there is sufficient room in elevators for residents.  FOB access has been added to both garage doors and bike rack will be placed in the parking garages for those who don’t have parking spaces or lockers.  Residents will have an opportunity to raise concerns with the board/property manager.


Mathew presented an overview of the financials.  The board has been conservative with respect to spending.  Any capital expenditure that have been done have be in the spirit of improving our collective investment (i.e. lobby revitalization, FOB access, increased hours for cleaning staff etc…) The major areas that the board sees expenditures being made in the next year are:

    1. Security
      1. Additional security cameras
      2. Additional security staff (possible 24/7)
    1. Building Improvements
      1. Addressing the garbage room smell
      2. Continued maintenance and upkeep of common areas (party room, lobby and terrace)
      3. Possibly addressing/replacing the carpets in hallways


    1. Reserve Fund
      1. The reserve fund study may require a higher contribution into the reserve fund.

All of these, plus rises in the cost of providing services, will lead to an increase in the condo fees.  Owners will be given sufficient notice of any increase, the amount and all reasons for any increase prior to the start date.