New Property Manager

We wish to introduce you to Dorothy Church. Dorothy is taking over as the property manager for the phase 1 and 2 buildings. Dorothy works with Condominium Management Group (CMG), the same property management firm as our previous manager, Mike Murphy. Since our property management firm remains unchanged, this change in managers should be largely transparent to owners and residents. In particular, note that there is no need to make any changes to your existing arrangements for paying condo fees. The boards and Condominium Management Group agree that this change will help to ensure the best possible service for our condominiums on an ongoing basis, and we look forward to working with Dorothy. Finally, we wish to thank Mike for the service he provided during his tenure over the past two years.
 See the contact directory page if you wish reach Dorothy by email or phone.
about dorothy
Born and raised in Ottawa, Dorothy studied Business Administration, and pursued further education in Materials Management focusing on contract negotiations and principals of buying. The experience she gained while working for a prominent engineering firm in Ottawa furthered her understanding of mechanical and structural engineering. As well she obtained the security clearance required to work with DND and NRC on sensitive projects. In 1994, she applied her knowledge and expertise as the Project Manager for a site of 400 rental units where she headed the company during the conversion from rental to condominiums. This included a complete refurbishing of a 7 storey high-rise building and terrace homes ensuring the Building Code and Condominium Act requirements were adhered to. In 2006, Dorothy assisted CMG on contract until she accepted a position with a well-known developer of single homes and condominiums in the Ottawa area. Dorothy has a very strong and intimate understanding of the developer philosophy and the knowledge necessary to run an efficient corporation. Her experiences gained working with developers and assisting condominium owners and their Boards of Directors enhances a varied and versatile mind set. Her desired return to condominium management allows her main focus on ensuring that condominium owners and their Board of Directors have the tools and guidance necessary to successfully manage the corporation and owner's investment.