New Party Room Dishes

For your convenience and to reduce waste, dishes are now available to residents who have reserved the use of the Party Room. You can get the key to the cupboards when you reserve the party room through the superintendent as pay your deposit. Thanks to Andrea Grant for organizing and doing all the legwork for the purchase of these dishes. The following is an inventory of all dishes available. You are responsible for ensuring all dishes are cleaned, dry, well-organized, and locked in these cupboards following your party. The replacement cost of any dishes broken or missing will be deducted from your Party Room reservation deposit. 24 plates 24 teaspoons 24 forks 24 butter knives 24 steak knives 24 clear plastic cups 1 cutting board 1 stainless steel serving platter 2 large stainless steel bowls 1 cutlery tray 1 dish rack and draining tray 1 metal rack, for stacking cutting board, platter, and bowls in cupboard Dish soap, scrubbies, and dish towels are not provided.