neighbourhood news

Properties Across Cumberland

You may have noticed for sale signs on the three properties directly across Cumberland Street from phase 1. The boards are keeping a close eye as to what potential development may take place on these properties. So far, we know that the zoning for these properties allows for medium to high density housing, ground floor retail, and a few other uses. Bear in mind, however, that a potential developer may apply to have zoning changed. We will let everyone know as any information comes to light.

King Edward Avenue Improvements

Construction on King Edward Avenue up to Rideau Street is expected to continue next summer. While this project is expected to make some improvement to the appearance of King Edward, a certain amount of construction activity can be expected in the near-term.

STO Busses

As you may be aware, an effort is underway to setup an STO bus wait zone under the bridge near King Edward and Sussex, away from residential areas. It is expected this will reduce unnecessary bus traffic along Cumberland Street by 90%. Thanks to Graeme Weeks for his efforts with STO and various local politician to keep this issue at the top of the agenda.

Lowertown Community Association

For those interested in becoming more involved in neighbourhood issues, the Lowertown Community Association meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00pm. Meetings are at the Routhier Community Center at 172 Guigues Ave.

Upcoming Events

The holiday season has begun in the Market with the first stall selling seasonal greenery. Various events are planned and always a big favourite with shoppers is the Christmas caroling on the weekends. Carolers will start to serenade us on the weekend of Dec 1st, through the weekends of the 8th, and 15th. Also, special events are planned for various restaurants and clubs – take advantage of what our neighbourhood has to offer this holiday season.