booking your move

photo of moving box and paint canFurniture and equipment shall be moved into or out of the building only by booking the elevator. To protect the elevator interiors, no moving shall take place unless the protective elevator pads are in place. All moves must be booked ahead of time. Contact the Superintendent to book your move.

elevator reservation agreement

Moving requires completion of the Elevator Reservation Agreement, which can be found online here:

moving hours

The hours for moving are Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm, and 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Moving shall not take place on Sundays or public holidays. The superintendent must be present for any moves to provide elevator access and ensure building security. For any moves after 4pm, or any moves during the weekend, there is a fee of $60 for the first three hours, and $10 for each additional hour, payable to the superintendent for his time.

pre-move requirements

You must have signed that you have received a copy of the handbook before you can move in. When the individual moving in is renting the unit from the unit owner, the required tenant information forms must also be signed before the move will be permitted.

deposit is required

When moving into or out of the building, a deposit is required against damages to the elevators, lobby or other common areas. Assuming there is no damage, this deposit will be returned in full after your move is complete.

on your move day

Contact the Superintendent again to arrange to meet them. We'll show you where to go. We'll ensure that an elevator is dedicated to your move and that the protective pads are installed in the elevator.
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