key rules

As with any community, there are rules and bylaws that we must abide by. These rules exist to ensure fair enjoyment by all owners and residents and to protect everyone's investment. These are some of the key rules which everyone should keep in mind:
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You are only permitted to move furniture and other items into or out of the building after following the correct procedure to book your move and the elevator. Special elevator pads must be in place inside the elevator cab for protection.
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neighbors right to quiet enjoyment

The Condominium's rules and regulations clearly provide for owners' rights to quiet enjoyment of their unit. While walls between units are built to high standards of sound attenuation, be aware that these walls are not perfectly sound proof. Also, please remember that the party/event room has been provided to help ensure everyone's quiet enjoyment of their units by providing an alternative for those wishing to host parties, etc.
noise control


Residents are permitted keep have up to 2 dogs, cats, or small birds. You are responsible to ensure that your pet does not make noise that will disturb neighbors. You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet anywhere on The East Market property. Attack dogs are not permitted. Pets are not permitted in the common patio and garden areas.

renting your unit

Individual unit owners may rent their unit subject to certain conditions. These include requirements for both the landlord and tenant to provide the Condominium Corporation with certain signed forms. These requirements must be fulfilled before a tenant will be permitted to move in. The unit owner (landlord) may not use the building amenities or parking for the duration of the tenancy.
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balconies and terraces

For both safety and appearance reasons, only seasonal furniture is permitted on balconies and terraces. Storage of bicycles or other items is not permitted. For the safety and comfort of those below, items, in particular cigarette butts, must not be dropped from balconies.
balconies & terraces

window coverings

One of the striking features of The East Market are its huge windows. However as a result of this, your choice of window coverings has a signficant impact on the look fo the building. To maintain a clean, upscale appearance of the building as a whole, the declaration requires that any window coverings you install be proper blinds or curtains, and that their outward side must be either white, off-white or charcoal in color.
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common elements

No modification is permitted within any common element areas or any part of the building that is not part of the unit you own (e.g. modifications to balconies, modifications that affect windows or the exterior façade). Any concerns with common elements should be brought to the attention the property manager.
Rule 5 (ph1 | ph2 | ph3)

parking spaces

Your parking space cannot be rented to a non-resident. Each owner/resident of a unit must register the license plate number of their motor vehicles with the Property Manager. Also, due to insurance and security reasons, the rules do not permit the storage of any items in your parking area other than a motor vehicle.


Smoking is prohibited in all elevators and all common elements. Currently, smoking is permitted only in designated area on the phase 3 terrace away from the building to respect those that live above the area. Smokers should observe no-smoking signage and use the supplied ash/cigarette receptacle.
Rule 4h (ph1 | ph2 | ph3)

signs and flyers

Please do not post any type of sign around the building. This includes notices for parties in the Party Room and use of the notice board in the mail areas. No flyers/notices are allowed to be distributed except official Condo notices.
Rule 5b (ph1 | ph2 | ph3)