Important Phase 2 meeting

Dear Owner of the East Market, Phase 2 (OCSCC 676),

The East Market needs your attendance and involvement !

As you may be aware, the Phase 2 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was scheduled for last week Tuesday February 21st. Unfortunately, the meeting could not be held because quorum was not reached (which is equivalent to 25% of owners attending in person or being represented via proxy).

According to the Condominium Act on Ontario, the AGM legally must be held before March 31st - so you will be notified in the coming days of the revised AGM date.

Moreover, this year there are two vacant positions on the Board Directors that must be filled.

The East Market Phase 2 community requires owners to step forward, join the Board of Directors and help with the running of the building for 2012 to ensure our building maintains its high standard of living in the most cost efficient means.

If you are interested in running for the Board, or require additional information, the current Board members: Rebecca Bingeman and Guy Monnette will be available in person to chat with owners:

This will be an informal meeting with no set agenda during which interested owners can pop by to chat about the commitment and what it means to be on the Board.

If you are unable to attend or want to discuss anything specific, please email Rebecca and Guy at:

Thank you.

Rebecca Bingeman  - President
Guy Monnette - Treasurer