handbook welcome

welcome to the east market

If you are new to The East Market, welcome! We look forward to meeting you, and we're sure you will enjoy your new home here. The East Market consists of 3 interconnected condominium buildings located in Ottawa's Byward Market District:

phase Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condo Corp No. your address
668 180 York Street K1N 1J6
676 383 Cumberland Street K1N 1J7
735 179 George Street K1N 1J8

The buildings share various facilities, are similar in design and features, and are governed by very similar Rules and Declarations. As such, most of the information in this handbook applies equally to all three phases. However, there are some differences, which we have endeavored to highlight when they apply.

about this handbook

We want to ensure that all residents are proud to live here and are able to enjoy a safe environment where people treat each other and the property with respect. We hope that this becomes a valuable reference tool for all residents, although you must also understand the legal documents that govern all owners, tenants and visitors at The East Market. Let's all maintain our building, our units and common areas at a high standard.

printed handbook

For Resident Owners: All owners who have not already received a printed version of the handbook will be receiving one in the near future. For Tenants: All new tenants will be required to sign to indicate that they have received a copy of this handbook, before they may move in or have their name added to the front door enterphone system. You should keep the printed version of the handbook, and leave it in your unit when you move out, for the future residents.

online resources

The East Market website (theeastmarket.ca) provides many valuable resources for owners and residents. You can find: