Gym Relocation

gym move day

We’re pleased to annouce that the gym will be opening in its new location at the end of this week. The gym will be closed from 8:00am – 5:00pm this Friday, April 11th, during which time the gym equipment will be relocated to its new home. After this move, you will be able to access the gym through the door on the north side of the phase II lobby, next to the phase II entry doors.

amenity room project status

The final stage will begin on Monday April 14, to complete work on the new meeting room and games lounge areas.
Complete: Stage 1 - Groundwork Complete: Stage 2 - Preparation of new Gym space Friday, April 11: Stage 3 - Gym equipment relocation day Starting April 14: Stage 4 - Completion of new Meeting Room and Games Lounge spaces