gym facility

gym location

The East Market complex features two well-equipped gyms. The gym for phase 1 and 2 residents is located on the ground floor of phase 2. It is the first door on the left as you enter phase 2 from Cumberland Street. The gym for phase 3 residents is located on the second floor of the phase 3 tower, to your right as you exit the elevators.


Due to their proximity to residential units on levels 2, the phase 1 and 2 gym is open daily from 6am - 11pm and the phase 3 gym is open daily from 7am - 11pm. Check the poster on the door for the latest opening hours. Be respectful of your neighbours - Keep noise level to a minimum. Don't drop weights and lower them gently during workouts.

gym equipment

The gyms are equipped with weight machines, free weights, mats, exercise balls, treadmills, stationary bicycles and elliptical machines. Use the equipment carefully. Some of the electrical equipment has a trip-switch that prevents overheating during extended use. Please report to the Property Manager if any equipment fails.

fans & television

For phases 1 and 2, the wall fans and television can be adjusted to the comfort of those using the gym at the time. For the phase 3 gym, you can turn on the extra extractor fan using the switch by the door. Keep outside doors/windows closed to let the Air-Conditioning system work efficiently.

keeping the gym clean

Please remember that our facility is not a professionally-managed health club. We have a maintenance contract for upkeep of the equipment and the room is jointly maintained by our cleaners and the users - you! Towels are available to wipe off the hand grips on the cardio machines, etc. These should not be used on the machanical parts of the equipment as they can become greasy and stained. As a courtesy to all the users of our gym, after using the free weights, etc., please return them to their proper place on the free weight rack. Please ensure that you leave the room the way you found it.

when leaving

If you are the last one to leave the gym, please remember to turn off the lights, fans and television.