green committee needs volunteers

The East Market Phase I and Phase II is looking to form a "Green Committee" in order to continually reduce our community's environmental footprint and to be proactive towards building sustainability. This committee would be volunteer-driven, with a time commitment of 1-2 hours per month, plus the possibility of additional time depending on the activities the committee chooses to pursue. The plan for the committee is to hold an initial kick-off meeting where we would brainstorm ideas, and decide on which areas would be best to bring to action. Our focus would be towards the buildings' waste, water, and energy usage (hopefully also reducing the costs to residents), as well as providing tips for residents on how they can improve on being eco-friendly. The Board of Directors from Phase 1&2 has also been in contact with Ecology Ottawa, a local non-profit environmental group, and they have offered the services of an expert consultant to help to refine our plans and goals so that we can see the biggest impact for our effort. If you are interested in taking part in such a committee, please email Rob with a brief (maximum 200 word) description of why you would like to be on the committee. Our hope is that the committee will be 3-5 members strong. Questions can also be addressed to Rob by email, or via the online forum. rob