Garbage Disposal and Recycling

Please be reminded to properly close and tie your garbage bags prior to placing them down the garbage chute. 
Please also do NOT leave garbage in the chute room. If the garbage that does not properly fit within the chute, we ask that you dispose of the garbage in the garbage room accordingly. 
Please also be advised that regular shopping bags should not be used for garbage, as they have small holes in them.  This will reduce spillage while transferring garbage from your Unit to the garbage chute or garbage room.  Units will be charged for spot cleaning of the carpets soiled by pets or garbage.
Please follow the recycling routine as posted in the garbage room. Metals, plastics, boxes and waste each have its own specified location for proper recycling disposal. 
Nothing is to be left in the Garbage Chute Room, including wine, beer or liquor bottles.
We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and consideration for your fellow neighbours.