garbage & recycling

Please do not use the chute between 10:00pm and 8:00am. If both lights are flashing, the recycling system is unavailable. Please contact the superintendent or property manager. Do not bring household garbage down to the ground floor garbage area.
Put in Chute

Paper Recycling

Books - Magazines - Mail - Newspaper - Office Paper - Paper Bags 1. Tie together or place in a paper bag. 2. Push Paper button. 3. When light is solidly lit, push your recyclables through the flap.

Container Recycling

Aluminium Plates / Containers - Drink Boxes - Jar Lids - Metal Cans - Milk / Juice Cartons - Plastic Bottles and Jugs - Plastic Tubs 1. All containers must be clean, and all lids removed. 2. Push Container button. 3. When light is solidly lit, push your recyclables through the flap.


Styrofoam - Plastic Bags - Plastic Packaging - Other Non-Recyclables 1. All garbage must be placed in tied bags. 2. Wait for container and paper lights to be out, and place your bag through the flap. 3. Please make sure that your items go all the way into the chute.
Do NOT Put in Chute

Cardboard Recycling

Cereal or Cracker Boxes (liners removed) - Laundry Detergent Boxes - Paper Egg Cartons - Pizza Boxes (no pizza please!) - Empty Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Rolls Bundle together and bring these items to the first floor garbage room.

Glass Bottle Recycling

Glass Jars and Bottles for Food Glass bottles can be loud in neighboring units, and a hazard for workers at the ground floor, if placed down chute. 1. Remove lids and rinse out. 2. Bundle together and bring to the first floor garbage room.

Large / Unsecured Items

Any Type of Cardboard Boxes - Blankets - Carpets - Clothing not in Bags - Contractor Supplies - Picture Frames To prevent blockage of the chute, bring these items to the first floor garbage room.

Hazardous Waste

Disinfectants - Fire Extinguishers - Flourescent Light Bulbs - Fungicides / Insecticides / Pesticides - Furniture Stripper - Oil-Based Paints - Stain - Syringes - Turpentine Can be disposed of at Ottawa hazardous waste depots. See or phone 3-1-1. Batteries and many other items can be returned to take it back retailers. See or phone 3-1-1.

Liquid Latex Paint

1. Harden with clumping kitty litter and place in garbage. 2. Empty can is recyclable as a container.

Large amounts of recycling

For phase 2 owners, if recycling a large amount of paper or containers, please bring them directly to the garbage room and place them in the appropriate larger receptacle rather than sending them down the chute.