Garbage & Blue Bags

As many residents are aware transporting garbage from your unit to the garbage room recycle causes a number of problems including grocery bags leaking in the common areas, soiling the carpets and causing

smells in the common areas and garbage room.

To help make recycling easier and more convenient for our residents, the City of Ottawa, in partnership with Progressive Waste Solutions, is providing FREE recycling Blue Bags to building management to give to residents.

Blue Bag distribution provides a good opportunity to remind tenants of the recycling arrangements in the building. The Blue Bag is reusable, made from a plasticized material for durability, and can be used to sort and store recyclables until they are transported to the recycling bins for disposal. Storing and transporting recyclables just got easier for our building residents.

Along with the Blue Bag, residents will also receive information about how to use the bag and a copy of the What bin to put it in" brochure.

Management will be placing the blue bags at your door within the next week or two. We again wish to remind everyone that all garbage which is not recyclable such as kitchen food waste, diapers and cat litter must be properly bagged in bags meant for garbage and not bags you get from stores when shopping for your groceries.

Given the amount of soiling and damage to the common areas as well as the smell transfer we are asking all owners to take extra care when transporting all garbage and recyclable items. Any damage to the common areas which are traced back to units will be cleaned and or repaired and back charged to the unit responsible.

Please also be reminded to fold down all large boxes, and ensure garbage and recyclables are placed in the appropriate bins. The building does not have the resources or services available to remove large items such as furniture etc. Please be sure you make arrangements for the removal of large items when you receive deliveries or call a charity and arrange a pick up.

We hope that the Blue Bag Program and reminding everyone of the how to handle garbage within the building will address the soiling and the smell of garbage within the building.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Management Team