electrical system

wall switches

In several areas of your unit electrical outlets are activated by wall switches. If you notice a light switch that does not appear to turn any light on, its likely function is to activate one of the outlets in that room.

outlets with trip-switches

Electrical outlets that are located near sinks or in exposed areas have a trip-switch built in. If an electrical outlet is not working, check if the switch has been tripped by pressing the "RESET" button.

electrical panel

If any electrical service in your suite is not working, you should first check your electrical panel.

light fixtures

If you plan to add light fixtures by mounting them to the ceiling you must consult the Property Manager first because the ceilings are common elements.

backbone infrastructure

The backbone infrastructure for telephone, cable and other communications is brought into a central hub in your unit, typically located in a closet. From this hub, services are then distributed to multi-port outlets, one of which is typically located in each of the living room, bedroom and den areas. Each multiport outlet contains coaxial cable and telephone/ network jacks. This allows you or a professional to setup or change telephone, cable TV and internet networking within your unit.