doors & windows

unit entry doors

Unit entry doors are part of the Common Elements of the condominium, and may not be modified without written permission of the Board of Directors. It is in our interest to maintain a consistent style throughout the whole building. It is also important that the Property Manager has a key to every unit in case of emergency. Unit owners and residents may not change the front door of their unit without written consent from the Board. Unit owners and residents may not change locks or add security locks to their front doors without written consent from the Board.

automatic door closer

Your front door has an automatic door closer. It is extremely important that all unit front doors close automatically in case of fire. This is part the fire code and our Condo must comply to protect our residents. Over time the door closer may lose power. Notify the Property Manager or Superintendent if your front door does not close automatically so adjustments can be made as soon as possible.

fresh air entry around door

To prevent fire and smoke from spreading from one unit to another, air from the corridor constantly enters your unit under and around the front door by positive air pressure. Residents must not restrict this air flow or install an insulation strip on their door as this contradicts an important fire safety measure. Residents should be aware that the air that enters your unit under the front door by positive air pressure is the only fresh air supply to your unit (other than through open windows or balcony doors).

security systems

If you install an alarm system in your unit, please ensure that the code is provided to the Property Manager. Please be assured that the property manager will keep these codes secure.

interior doors

If your unit has shoji doors, the frames are constructed from light yet strong basswood and will stand up to normal use. Avoid twisting them or slamming furniture or other heavy objects into them. Do not force them open or closed. Clean shoji doors with a soft damp cloth and avoid cleaning chemicals and wood finish. Use polishes sparingly.


As part of your condo fees, the exterior windows are cleaned at least once a year. Residents are responsible for cleaning the exterior windows along their balconies as well as the interior glass surface of the balcony railings. If desired, residents can make individual arrangements with the window cleaning company to have all exterior windows cleaned. Contact the Property Manager for further information.
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See Declaration (ph1 | ph2 | ph3) section 4.1.