contact directory


Phase 1

180 York St.
K1N 1J6

OCSCC #668

Phase 2

383 Cumberland St.
K1N 1J7

OCSCC #676

Phase 3

179 George St.
K1N 1J8

OCSCC #735

Property Manager

Your primary contact for most matters, including:
  • Issues affecting your unit
  • Condo fees
  • Issues with neighbours
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of common areas
  • Malfunctions of garage door, garbage chute, etc
  • Building security and access issues
  • All other inquiries not listed below


Dorothy Church

Condominium Management Group
Suite 200
335 Catherine St.
Ottawa, ON K1R 5T4

613-237-9519 ext. 259

Fax: 613-237-3533


Kayla McKale

Capital Integral Property Management
205 - 1600 Laperriere Ave Ottawa
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5L5


Fax: 613-651-0306


After-Hours Emergency

  • Contact for emergencies such as leak
613-762-5704 613-722-1232

City and Emergency Services

Any life-threatening emergency

Non-emergency police inquiries

Property taxes, noise complaints, bylaw infractions
311, email, or visit

Visitor Parking

  • Register a visitor
  • Report a parking problem
Murray & Murray Parking Control Services



Visitor Parking Registration (
About Murray & Murray (

More information

For other issues related to visitor parking / access, contact the Shared Facilities Manager, Dorothy Church.

Electricity Billing

  • Setting up account
  • Electricity bill inquiries


1-800-750-2960 (weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM)

4000 Victoria Park Ave.
Toronto, ON  M2H 3P4




  • Reserving party room & meeting room

John Kadolph - Site Superintendent
Sonny Rosalan - Assistant Site Superintendent


All issues (booking rooms, elevators, etc.), contact Capital Integral Property Management at 613-722-1232

Friday-Saturday night security & noise issues:
613-241-7900 and call 311

(Leave message if guard is unavailable)

Boards of Directors

  • Suggestions for long-term improvements
  • Contact if unable to get a resolution by any of above contacts


Fran├žois Proulx
Michel Comte
Keaton Ambrose


Louis Veilleux
Jonathan Hughes
Janice Miller


Mario Gasperetti
Brian McCauley
Rob Potter