common questions

Question Hint
I am having a party. How do I book the Party Room? Contact the Superintendent.
I'm having visitors. Can they park in the garage? To park in our building, visitors must register and may only park in designated spaces on the P1 level. Register cars and check the latest rules by phone or online:
My garbage item does not fit in the garbage chute on my floor. What do I do? Carry your items to the garbage room on the ground floor.
How do I dispose of hazardous materials? Contact the City of Ottawa for advice (Telephone: 311)
What do I do if the gym equipment I planned to use does not work? Report it to the Superintendent and Property Manager.
Where can I keep my bike? Bikes are not allowed on elevators. You can bring the bike into the building through garage entrances and store them in your parking unit, in your storage/bike locker, or rent a bike rack space at the bike racks.
Someone tried to enter the building and I suspect that they are not residents. What do I do? Politely ask if the person lives here and avoid giving them access. Report incident to Superintendent and Property Manager. Don't let anyone into the building if you do not know them.