common questions

Question Hint
Where are my lint traps? Check inside as well as above your tumble dryer.
Where is my electrical panel with all my circuit breakers? Try the grey panel on the wall in your hallway.
Where is my main shut-off valve to control water flow to my entire unit? Try behind a panel under your bathroom sink.
Where are my secondary shut-off valves to control water flow? There are several so try near your: bathroom sinks, toilet cisterns, kitchen sink/dish washer, refrigerator, and washing machine
Where is/are my fan coil unit(s) for my HVAC system? Try flipping open the panel at the air intake vents.
Where is/are the filter (s) for my HVAC system? Look in front of your fan coil unit(s).
Have I got sufficient insurance for the upgrades to my unit? All upgrades must be insured by the owner so check your home and contents insurance policy.
Are my remodelling plans considered "decorative" changes? Ask the Property Manager
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