Common Area Floor Renewal

Please be advised that “Sani Glaze Deco” has been contracted to strip and re- finish the flooring in the elevator lobbies from the parking garages in Phase 1 & Phase 2, as well as the party room.  The gym floor will also be cleaned and sanitized ensuring the health of its users. 


Please note that the work will be performed during the following hours and the areas will be closed off for use; 

Elevator Lobbies located in both phases will be completed as follows;

Monday Nov 28th 2011 – Wednesday Nov 30th 2011 

Between the hours of 10:00pm – 5:00am 

Please do not walk on the floors, use the main doors of each building while the work is being done.  We have contracted the work for after hours when use of these areas by residents is at a minimum. 


Please see additional detailed signs located in & on the elevators as well as Caution tape, which will be used to also raise your awareness of the work being performed. 


Gym floor sanitization and party room work times will be posted on 

Tuesday November 29th 2011 


To ensure your safety, and to avoid damage to the new floors, please review the posted signs stating work areas and obey “caution” tape sections. 


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, should you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact the your Management Team below.