Committee News

There are several committees in the East Market community that interested owners can join. These committees are a great way for you to get involved in The East Market community. Please contact one of your board members (see contact information on back page), if you are interested in participating in one or more of these committees. Each committee also has an email address you can use to send comments or suggestions to the committee. Here is an update from each committee:
Shared Amenity Improvements
This committee consists of owners/residents from phases 1 and 2. This committee's role is to propose and review possible improvements to the amenities shared by phases 1 and 2. Those amenities are the gym, games lounge, meeting room, party/event room and exterior patio/garden areas. So far, the committee's focus has been on the rear patio/garden. The committee has been working with a landscaping consultant, Welwyn Wong. The focus of this effort is to come up with a long-term plan for this space. Implementation of this plan will then likely be phased over a number of years, based on available funds (each year) and priorities identified by the committee. Our goals with regard to this project are the following: In the coming months, the committee will be looking into improvements to the party room with the intention of coming up with a long term plan for this space. If you have any suggestions for improvements to any of the shared amenities, please email the committee or use the suggestion box in the mail area.
Safety & Security
This committee consists of owners/residents from phases 1, 2 and 3. The committee has been reviewing many aspects of safety and security in and around our buildings. The committee has also been involved with the Lowertown Community Association, so that we are aware of and participating in efforts to maximize safety and security in the immediate neighbourhood. Some recommendations from the committee that the boards hope to implement in the coming months include: Meanwhile, the safety & security committee is continuing to look at additional measures to maximize security while minimizing impact on residents. These include looking at the possibility of requiring fob access for the elevators from 11pm to 6am when statistically problems happen. A publicity campaign is also being planned to promote “Show your fob” and “One click one car”.
The energy committee will be working on ways in which we can reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of our buildings, and ways in which we can reduce energy costs. These include moving forward with the recommendations made by the previous energy committee, such as an energy audit of the building and individual electricity meters for each unit, as well as looking at new initiatives.
The communication committee is in need of more members. If you would like to help with communications such as this newsletter, please contact us.