christmas trees

While there are not currently any rules bann-ing real Christmas trees in the buildings, the Boards would like to encourage owners to avoid them. They create a mess in hallways and elevators. They also pose a problem for disposal, since the city does not collect them with normal garbage. Because of the difficulty we had in getting the city to collect them, some of you may recall that last winter people's discarded Christmas trees sat out-side on the sidewalks for many weeks. We would like to avoid the same situation this year. However, if you decide anyways to bring such a tree into the building, please purchase a tree removal bag before you buy your tree. It helps to eliminate the mess bringing it in the building and can be used upon removal. Trees should be deposited to the left of the garage. Christmas trees will be collected in 2008 during the week of January 14 to 18. Trees will not be collected if wrapped in plastic bags or if they contain decorations.