building access & security

We pride ourselves on keeping The East Market a safe and secure place to live. There are a few simple things that everyone can do to help maximize security in the buildings.

enterphone system

security cameras

Security cameras have been installed at key security points in the buildings.

show your fob

We ask that everyone be vigilant about not letting strangers into the building. If someone who you don’t know follows you in, we encourage you to introduce yourself and ask if they live here. If in doubt, ask to see their electronic key fob. It helps security, and is a good way to meet your neighbors. Also, we ask that you show your own electronic key fob when you follow someone else into the building. This way, the other person won’t feel awkward asking if you live in The East Market, and you won’t feel like they suspect you!

lost or stolen keys fobs

Notify the property manager as soon as possible if your key fob is stolen or lost so that it can be cancelled.

wait for garage doors to close

When entering or exiting the parking garage, please pause after you have passed through the door, and wait for it to close behind you. This goes a long way to discourage unauthorized people from gaining access to the parking garage behind you. Please ask that your visitors do the same thing when using the visitor parking.

if you see someone suspicious

If you are concerned about someone hanging around the lobby or elsewhere in the building who should not be here, contact the Ottawa Police at 613-230-6211. If in doubt, don't hesitate to call. The police have assured us that they will not consider your call a nuisance.
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