blinds & curtains

consistent look from outside

One of the striking features of our building is its huge windows. As such, your choice of window coverings has a direct impact on the look of our building. In order to maintain a clean, upscale appearance, the Condo Declaration 4.1 c requires that all window coverings must be proper blinds or curtains, and the back must be white, off-white or charcoal in colour, or have a backing to this effect.

when installing blinds

The exterior windows are made of insulating glass which requires adequate ventilation to reduce glass stress. Therefore, you should ensure that the blinds are lowered at least two inches away from the glass and one inch away from the mullions (vertical metal pieces). In addition, when lowering your shades you should always leave at least one inch open at the bottom near the sill for sufficient airflow.

problems with blinds

If your blinds were purchased through the builder, the majority of suites in phases 1 and 2 were equipped with SunProject "Lite Lift chain activated roller shades". The local dealer for SunProject products is now Elite Draperies on Bank Street. For service or repairs to the standard blinds installed in phase 3, contact Blind Depot at 1570 Carling Avenue.