bicycles & storage lockers

locker location

photo of cyclist If you have purchased a bicycle / storage locker, but are unsure of its location, please contact the property manager.

bicycle storage

Bicycles are not permitted on the elevators. If your locker is in one of the basement levels, please enter the building via the main parking garage entrance on Cumberland Street. To the right of the garage entrance there is a fob sensor for the exclusive use of cyclists, which will allow you to open the garage door using your key fob. A limited number of bicycle racks are available for rent from the Condominium Corporation. Contact the property manager for more information.

general storage

Please note that all items must be inside your locker to comply with fire regulations. Items stored on top of lockers or in hallways will be removed.

when leaving the room

To keep the locker room secure, please remember to lock the deadbolt lock (the top lock) with your key when leaving the room. Also, please remember to turn off the lights if you are the last one to leave the locker room, as we all share in the energy costs for lighting this space.
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